Machinist H81 Motherboard


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>>The SATA#1 interface is a channel shared with SATA M.2. Requires SATA#1 to work and needs to be switched. (Please contact customer service).

>>Product processing color is different, other parts are all the same. From May 10, 2022; packages sent from China are white. Packages sent from Russian warehouses are red! ! ! !


MACHINIST Product Details

Brand: MACHINIST /span>
Condition: Brand New
CPU socket: LGA 1150
Motherboard model: H81 PRO S1
Structure: M-ATX
Chipset: Intel H81
Memory slot: 2*DDR3
Maximum memory supported: 2*8GB DDR3
Supported memory types: The memory types support DDR3 desktop memory. (Please use Samsung, Kingston, SanDisk, Micron, Hynix and other international brands, other brands are incompatible)
LAN port: 10/100/1000Mbps/s
Video output port: requires graphics card support
Interface: 1*RJ45/1*PS2/2*SATA3.0/2*SATA2.0/2*USB2.0/2*USB3.0/1*PCI-E x16/1*PCI-E x1/1*NGFF M.2 interface/HDMI-compatible/VGA
Motherboard size: 220*170mm
Motherboard weight (including packaging): about 0.7kg

MACHINIST Official Store Statement

》》For the tariff problem, please make sure you can solve the customs clearance problem by yourself, if you can't solve it, we do not recommend you to buy goods in our store. We are not responsible for customs duties. Thanks for your understanding.

MACHINIST Warehouse Department Statement

1: What's in the package?
Main products: MACHINIST H81M PRO S1 motherboard*1;
Gift accessories: i/o shield, CPU cooling bracket, sata cable (all are hand-tested and packaged, there may be omissions, please forgive me!);
2: Why is it better for buyers to take unpacking videos when they get the package?
>> Some buyers said it was out of stock when they opened the package, and then showed us some pictures, but the pictures did not prove anything. Everyone knows that the best evidence is the unpacking video. Please do it, it will help you a lot. If you also encounter the above situation, MACHINIST official store does not accept pictures as evidence! ! ! ! ! ! thank you for understanding.
3: All products are tested before shipping? Yes, MACHINIST Official Store is tested by 3 technical teams on weekdays, so we can 100% guarantee that all our products will work well before dispatched from our warehouse.
4: Will all packages be delivered within the time specified by AliExpress?
Certainly not. The most invisible thing is transportation. Most of the packages can be delivered within the specified time, but no one can guarantee that all the packages can be delivered within the specified time. Sometimes some packages will be delivered due to specific reasons such as bad weather/holidays/post office staff. And delay strikes/delays in customs clearance, etc. Sometimes there is no reason. Please refer to the "Delivery Time Announcement" below. So please think twice before placing an order, as long as you place an order, it means that you understand all of the above.
>> If our product stops working after more than half a year of use, the answer is uncertain. The MACHINIST official store will first evaluate the condition of the product based on the evidence provided by the buyer, and then decide whether the buyer needs to send it back or send it directly.
Dear customer, if you place an order at the MACHINIST store, it means that you 100% agree with the above statement.
1: What is the motherboard version?
The motherboard version is not always the same because the production factory updates it from time to time, so the motherboard version will vary from one production batch to another.
The MACHINIST official store will generally ship the latest version, please refer to the actual product, we will not notify you any further.
2: Why is there no image display on the monitor?
Please check whether the motherboard speaker is beeping. If there is beeping, it must be a problem with the graphics card or monitor. If the speaker is not beeping, please check whether the CPU cooler is turned on, and whether the LAN port light is on or off? If it spins up and the LAN port light is on, it's still a graphics card or monitor problem, but if the LAN port light isn't on, wipe all memory sticks with an eraser, then install only one memory stick slot in any one, boot the computer .
3: Does the motherboard support overclocking? Do they support SLI and Crossfire?
Speaking responsibly, MACHINIST store does not recommend overclocking, it may damage the hardware, so of course we do not test overclocking, and we do not have a BIOS version that supports overclocking. But there are buyers who say that they overclocked our motherboard after flashing the BIOS and it worked.
4: Why does the motherboard temperature sensor sometimes work abnormally?
Yes, sometimes the motherboard temperature is not normal, so the temperature information of the motherboard and CPU is wrong, but in fact the motherboard and CPU are not that hot, otherwise your computer will automatically shut down or burn out. MACHINIST technicians are still working on it.