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From May 7, 2022; 8GB of all frequency memory is all desktop memory. Currently only 16GB is ECC memory.

###16GB RAM Different brands of chips sourced weekly. If used to extend the MACHINIST kit. Please communicate with customer service after purchasing. Buying the wrong one can lead to incompatibility.

Purchase *Only purchase 2*8ddr4 memory and original box.

DDR4 2666mhz brand new!

!! ddr4 desktop memory (non-ecc) is 2666mhz / ddr4 server memory (ecc ram) is 2133mhz

! ! With the color of the thermal vest product. (Currently, only ddr4 memory has a vest.)

Each machinista memory has undergone various manual tests, so that the product can be used in different application environments, and can provide users with a high-performance and high-stability computer experience.

Whether you are an ordinary user, gamer or computer enthusiast, you can feel the performance improvement that the mechanic's memory brings to your computer.

Product Description:

DDR4 = 2133mhz/2400mhz/2666mhz/3200mhz

Original chip, hy sec elp mic...

Dual channel support

DDR4 = 1.2v, DDR3 = 1.5v

Top quality and best price

Unbuffered, non-ecc, unregistered

overall test


The color photos of the products we displayed, the pictures are for reference only, and the products we provide shall prevail.

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